Case Studies

Case Study 1

An internationally known cosmetic manufacturer discovered that some of its products were being stolen and sold at flea markets.

Rumore Associates investigators tracked down the stolen stock and covertly filmed the suspects selling the stock at markets.

The suspects were followed back to their base and the police were called. The suspects were then charged and convicted and the stolen stock returned to the company.

Case Study 2

A coffee manufacturer noticed significant and consistent losses of inventory at stock takes.  The company had also heard rumours of cafes being offered coffee at black market prices.

A covert operation mounted by Rumore Associates identified a long time and trusted staff member as the thief and caught him on video loading the boot of his vehicle with coffee.  Members of his family were later identified as being the unauthorised coffee sellers and, on the strength of the evidence, charges were laid and convictions secured.

Case Study 3

Rumore Associates was retained by an insurance company to conduct surveillance on a man who had allegedly lost 85% of brain function after a car accident.  He ran two concurrent personal injury claims totaling around $15,000,000.

Rumore Associates caught the man living a normal life and presented video of the man playing cards, reading, playing soccer, rowing a boat and even driving a motor vehicle.  An out-of-court settlement was reached at a fraction of the original claim.

Case Study 4

A national football organisation had a major problem with ticket scalpers and marketers illegally buying and acquiring groups of tickets and on-selling them at inflated prices.

Teams of Rumore Associates investigators were assigned to attend games around Australia and obtained evidence of ticket scalping and other breaches of ticket conditions.

The subsequent court actions resulted in the football organisation recouping some $250,000 in lost revenue.

Case Study 5

The client had been sexually assaulted ten years earlier. Her assailant was charged and convicted for a string of offences including pedophilia.  However, on his release from prison on bail, the assailant returned to live in the client’s local area. His bail conditions prohibited him going to certain locations alone, including schools.

Rumore Associates conducted surveillance for the client’s own protection as well as gathering evidence of the offender breaching his bail conditions. The offender was captured on video attending prohibited locations, including loitering around a primary school. He was promptly arrested by police once they viewed the Rumore Associates video and was sent back to gaol.

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