As a licensed Private Inquiry Agent and Investigator with over 30 years’ experience, Michael Rumore can attest to the fact that the reality of work as an Investigator in Australia is far from that which is portrayed on television and in the movies.  In fact, it is a common occurrence for those we meet socially to not even know such an occupation or qualified service exists in Australia.

As Private Investigators our daily lives are filled with excitement and intrigue. Private Investigators often find themselves in “sticky situations” and one has to be quick thinking and fast moving.  Private Investigators and undercover agents are often engaged to infiltrate – “go undercover” – and investigators and surveillance operatives must be able to adapt to surroundings that they are not ordinarily used to.  They must be able to “sell” their cover-story seamlessly and effortlessly with a view to gaining the confidence of the target or targets such that they can be effective in gathering whatever evidence is needed at any given time.  Make no mistake, this is an extraordinarily fun, exciting and dynamic occupation.  That said, it can also be dangerous and not a career for the faint-hearted.

Yes, absolutely! – at times we may be engaged to conduct work which challenges us and places us in contact with people with whom we would not normally associate or we may be caused to attend events or locations out of the ordinary or be engaged by the legal team of high profile persons be they criminals or maybe celebrities.  However, as licensed Private Inquiry Agents we are regulated by the law to which we must abide and ensure that all our work is conducted professionally and can stand in a court of law.

Rumore Associates welcomes approaches from competent and experienced individuals in all areas of investigation work and will also entertain approaches from those contemplating a career in our industry.  In NSW, all agents we engage will need to have a Master Licence before conducting any investigations with us.  Any evidence of work you may have conducted or referrals that can show your ability to understand instructions, engage and communicate appropriately and professionally both orally and “on paper” is highly desired.

If you are considering becoming a Private Inquiry Agent or Mercantile/Commercial Agent we suggest viewing the relevant rules and regulations governing licensing in your state – in NSW you can access information via the CAPI (Commercial and Private Inquiry Agents) website at and following the links for “Security and CAPI”.

You might also view the content provided on the Private Investigator portal at for further information and updates in the industry and to view opportunities regarding industry employment.

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