Private Investigations

Private Investigations

Rumore Associates has vast experience in gathering evidence and presenting such evidence in court. Our investigators are well versed in the requirements of the admissibility of evidence and all evidence is gathered and handled expertly to ensure it stands up to scrutiny.

Our investigations follow a formal methods plan. These guidelines ensure that all requirements and expectations are met and that the investigation is completed using all available tools and investigation procedures.

Corporate, Industrial & Domestic Investigations

Rumore Associates are often retained by businesses both large and small to conduct investigations on their behalf. We conduct sensitive investigations and surveillance operations on persons who are suspected of theft, fraud or other misconduct and our investigations have resulted in the arrests of offenders and/or the termination of employment.

Insurance Investigations

We provide clear concise and relevant reports. Each investigation is assigned an individual file name and reference number and all instructions and correspondence are handled according to strict operational policy. We conduct surveillance and factual investigations, usually for third party, personal injury and workers compensation claims, according to our Investigation Plans and we will not finalise any matter until all requirements are met.

Intellectual Property

Marketplace and other discreet enquiries can be made to determine breaches of Intellectual Property rights. We also gather evidence for concerned parties in relation to “non-use” or for the preparation of the release of new product.

Criminal Defence Investigations

We are often required to work closely with lawyers, their retained barristers and other experts as part of a defence team in preparation of evidence and materials to be presented on behalf of those charged with a criminal offence.

Locating Witnesses & Persons of Interest

We are called upon not only to locate and interview witnesses but to escort them to court to ensure safe and uninterrupted passage.

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